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“No matter what your fitness level is, HITT Factory is a conducive, and encouraging environment to work on your fitness goals. If you are unable to do any of the moves or exercises, you can modify until you are able to. Everyone in the classes are friendly, and encouraging. The instructors are always expecting more, and pushing for you to give more in the classes. It shows that they care, and they want you to succeed. I have thrived within this environment and I know that many others have as well. I started working out at HITT Factory in Mid-September of last year. I could barely make it through half of the kickboxing class, and wondered if I was just being too ambitious in going to this class. I decided to stick with it. I started out going to only 2 classes a week, but quickly worked my way up to 4-5 classes a week. I have gone from 309lbs to 259lbs in a little over 3 months. I feel amazing, and the results speak for themselves. I am addicted to going every night, and I hate missing a workout. Bottom line, this is an amazing COMMUNITY of people, working hard to achieve results, lose weight, tone up, get in shape, BE CONFIDENT and FEEL AMAZING!! Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it. Start NOW because you can. See you in class!”

Julie S., San Francisco


“I live in Castro Valley, so this place isn’t exactly local for me;, it’s a commute. That being said, it’s totally worth it. I first found out about Elite through a Groupon deal they had going back in January. I purchased the deal for 1 month of unlimited classes. Two weeks in, I told Paul to just sign me up at the end of the month – I’m your new “regular”. I go to Kickboxing and Box-r-Cise on weekday evenings. The classes are great because they’re challenging, and everything is modifiable while you build your endurance. All of the staff and members are friendly and encouraging. I used to go to a cardio kickboxing class in college, and it was a lot of air-punching and kicking to a dancy mix CD… that’s not what this is about. We’re outfitted with boxing gloves and shin guards, and we’re working on heavy bags, partner drills and floor conditioning. I feel amazing when I’m finished, and I’ve already started seeing results on the scale. Paul and everyone at HITT Factory are awesome, and they have a lot to offer their customers. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to change-up their fitness routine.”

Lenae S., Castro Valley


“Did the free trial and fell in love the 1st class. i really enjoy the box-r-cise and elite xfitness classes.its comfortable and you don’t feel pressured to do more than you can handle. In two weeks going 3 times a week I already see a huge improvement in myself and I’m very thankful. Glad I joined and I appreciate the ems discount!”

Feather L., Livermore


“I absolutely love the Box-r-cise class. Its always something different and you will not be bored. The people who work out here genuinely want to help you and are not stuck up like you find at other fitness center. The owner Paul is fair and you can try two free classes before you enroll in the program. Check it out!”

Morgan M., Pleasanton




Free 2 Day Fitness Pass

Limited Time Offer - Sign up today for a FREE 2 DAY FITNESS PASS! Includes unlimited classes for 2 days, measurement and weigh-in to track results and free fitness consultation. This limited time offer is for new clients only and requires purchase of gloves and hand wraps to participate.

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